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Jeff had a $1M policy that he had paid into for years.  He became ill at 57 and couldno longer work - with his diminished income he could no longer afford to keep the policy, which had approximately $50,000 cash value.   His insurance company told him his only option was to surrender the policy - instead we were able to get him a Life Settlement for $400,000.​

Brian purchased a $1.5M policy to benefit his wife, who subsequently passed away.He was 77 and had paid a total of $86,000 into the policy and did not want to continue with the premiums.  He received a Life Settlement payment of  $703,000.

Actual Case Examples

The Life Settlement Industry is relatively new and very dynamic.  Our firm is 
uniquely positioned to ensure your best interests are always served. We have 
been in the Life Settlements business for over 10 years and the Estate 
Planning business for over 28 years.  We work with dozens of Institutional 
Funders in all states, and we constantly monitor changes in the industry to 
ensure that your policies are sold at the highest possible price.  

A Life Settlement provides an unrestricted cash payment in exchange for an 
unneeded or unwanted Life Insurance Policy.  Until recently, the only option 
was to either surrender the policy for its cash value or allow the policy to lapse. 
Now, consumers have another option - a secondary market where they can 
receive a fair market value payment for their policy.  

Don't surrender or lapse your policy without finding out how much 
it's really worth - call us today to get  a no-obligation quote on your policy.

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