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There is no cost or obligation to receive a quote for your life insurance policy - just complete the Contact form; be sure to include a daytime telephone number where we can reach you.

What is a Life Settlement?.

The seller receives an unrestricted cash payment in exchange for the future death benefit of the policy.  This unrestricted cash payment can be used for any purpose:to improve your standard of living, increase retirement income, free up cash for other investments, provide premiums for a larger policy, provide college funding for grandchildren, etc.

The seller has no future obligation to pay premiums on the policy.  In some cases a policy can be exchanged for a smaller, paid up policy or a combination of cash payment and fully paid-up policy.

Any basis in the policy is recovered tax free, and amounts above basis are taxed at capital gain rates.Just as the needs of individuals can change, so to can the needs of a business.  Key-Man, Buy-Sell or other corporately owned policies can also be sold - and the proceeds can be used to invest in new polices or used to fund other projects.

What is a Life Settlement?A Life Settlement is the sale of an existing life insurance policy to a large institutional fund for the fair market value - more than the existing cash value of the policy but less than the death benefit.